Terms & Conditions

Liability Conditions of IDS Spedition ApS

All services are subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). As contracting party cf. § 3 B the conditions limit the freight forwarder´s liability for loss of, deterioration of, or damage to goods to SDR 8.33 per kilo and for delay to the amount of the freight, and for all other loss to SDR 100.000 in respect of eacht assignment (§ 21).
As intermediary cf. § 3 C the freight forwarder´s liability is limited to SDR 50.000 in respect of each assignment and totally in the event of any one occurance to SDR 500.000 (§ 24). For storage, the total liability is limited to SDR 500.000 for damage occuring in the same occasion (§ 25). Special attention is directed to the network clause (§ 2); claims against the freight forwarder are statute-barred after one year (§ 28); and the lien on goods (§ 14) applies to both current an previous claims. Jurisdiction Kolding.

Terms of Payment

The terms of payment are stated on each invoice. Furthermore, set-off clearance against IDS Spedition ApS' claim on freight and other services is not allowed.