Our services



Daily departures from all over Scandinavia to Switzerland - and visa versa. In addition, we operate in most of Europe and the continent – anywhere we can get to by truck.

Special transports

We have extensive experience in project handling and transport of goods with special requirements. Everything with excessive dimensions and / or heavier weights.

Twice we have been responsible for unloading, storage and slot-deliveries of the concrete components to the building sites of the Copenhagen Metro, handling more than 150.000 tons of components. A job that required punctuality and an extensive colaboration across industries.

Rekers kopi

Additional services

We offer the issuance of customs documents such as export-declarations, NCTS documents, EUR1 certificates, etc. We have a broad knowledge and experience in customs clearance and other handling of customs goods.

Car, Boat & MC´s

We provide assistance to private individuals and companies on the importation of cars, boats and motorcycles from Switzerland. We have an extensive knowledge of the rules for importing vintage vehicles.